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baptism youthWe adopt youth into our spiritual family as God has adopted us.

Past wars and poverty have left thousands orphaned throughout Uganda and South Sudan. Many broken youth lead child-headed homes, live on the streets, or are neglected in prison for the crimes they committed to survive.  In this situation, education is impossible, simple injuries are crippling, and meals are hard to find. Childhood dreams are lost as life’s one goal becomes survival.

God’s Institute for Transformation (GIFT) is a home and family for youth who need Jesus with skin on. GIFT is not just a program, but a 24/7 family. Yet GIFT is not just an orphanage, which the Ugandan government discourages in favor of a foster care system with extended family members in the villages.

GIFT is a holistic solution to a total need: for mentoring, physical needs, education, vocational skills and opportunities, salvation and discipleship, and starting a new life with Jesus in real community.

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God’s Institute for Transformation in Uganda provides the following 24/7:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Education and supplies
  • Mentoring
  • Counseling and rehabilitation
  • Real family units
  • Bibles and study materials
  • Vocational skills
  • Life skills
  • Career opportunities within and beyond the ministry
  • Christian community bearing fruit that multiplies

Designed as a solution for children languishing in prison without discipleship and education, the GIFT home and work study program transitions youth leaving prison. But God had bigger plans and starting in September 2019 started bringing hundreds of youth off the streets and into Favor’s family. We are feeding and educating these orphans as fast as they are coming to Jesus by the multitudes. Our staff are personally leading them in discipleship at all hours, they are living in our homes, and we are renting and building shelters as fast as possible to provide safer places to call home.

You can support a youth of destiny for only $160 monthly, or a group of four friends can support his or her expenses for only $40 monthly each! These funds provide material needs and educational opportunities. We have hundreds of youth we are supporting with general operational funds in Uganda, and they are coming to receive Jesus and family in South Sudan as well. Your support will help us lift up this next generation of zealous, Godly leaders who will share the love God showed them.

House of Prayer, Gulu, Uganda

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“They wanted to cross the water, so what did they do? They cried to Moses, and Moses cried to God. God said, ‘Raise the rod.’ What happened? The waters parted. They walked on dry ground. But now when Israel was ready to take the Promised Land of Canaan, did God say to Joshua to raise the rod? What did He say? ‘Put your feet in the water!’ It was a different tactic. You better hear God for every battle. The first battle it was ‘Raise the rod.’ The second battle, ‘Put your feet in the middle of opposition, and I will give you the land of Canaan.'”

— Carole Ward

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Current GIFT Initiatives


Housing for Hundreds of Former Street Orphans


GOAL : 531000 $

RAISED : 111868 $

God has provided an 87-room property that will become the GIFT home for women, freeing up all the tent structures for the men and getting ALL our youth off the streets! With your support, we can move it!!

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GIFT Overview

Some of the Destiny Youth at the GIFT Home site – they planted a special surprise as a way to say Thank You to Carole and all of Favor Int’l for helping rescue them from street life, introducing them to Jesus, and giving them a home and a purpose.

Due to the wars of the past decade, 50% of Uganda’s population is age fifteen and under, many of whom are orphans. Child-headed homes are common as older siblings are forced to care for the younger, often struggling to secure a single meal in a day.

Favor supports:

  1. Youth in prison
  2. Youth coming off the streets
  3. Youth we have legally adopted
  4. Youth who have no other option

Our existing foster care program serves extended family units where social workers provide careful oversight and assistance for their ongoing medical needs and spiritual, social, academic and vocational development.

Secondary school-aged children participate in our work-study program to learn skills that will equip them as successful members of society. Based on talents and interest, these work-study opportunities include IT training, farming, professional driving, hospitality, and more.

Gulu’s youth prison is another area of great need. Forgotten by society and disowned by their families, these vulnerable children, ages eight to eighteen, were manipulated and coerced by adults to commit acts a child would never imagine. Yet through our ongoing ministry, every child has now professed salvation and is engaged in regular Bible study and discipleship. Due to this success, the city is now willing to release them for rehabilitation.

Children on good behavior will be transitioned to our rehabilitation home to learn responsibilities and schedules and to receive spiritual, academic and vocational training. Near the end of rehabilitation, staff will facilitate the work of reconciliation and restoration by bringing the children’s families to visit. As relationships mend, youths will be allowed to visit home, eventually rejoining their families and becoming established as working members of the community.

Through your sponsorships, our House of Hope foster program supports orphaned children within extended family units where our social workers provide careful oversight and assistance for their ongoing medical needs and spiritual, social, academic and vocational development. Once in Secondary School, each child is invited to participate in our work-study program to learn skills and trades that will equip them to become successful members of society. Work study opportunities are selected based on skills and interest and have included IT training, farming, professional driving, hospitality and more.

giftWe bring healing and hope to hundreds of children and their families through our schools and Programs. Children receive spiritual and emotional counseling as well as medical and nutritional care, love academic and other social services. Forgotten by many, these children are vulnerable and we provide a protective environment where they can fulfill they’re God Given potential.

Our work study program is for children who have completed primary school, been resettled within the community, and would like to continue their education. We continue follow their progress and provide them the opportunity to learn a skill according to their interests, gifts and talents, while also supplying help to pay the necessary fees to attend Secondary School. We have trained and supported students and have seen them increase in productivity, innovation, and renewed hope for the future. Education combined with spiritual growth is a life and nation transforming event.


A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”

— Carole Ward

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