The Next Generation's Leaders

December 7, 2023

The Next Generation's Leaders

Excitement filled the Jondoru Village Learning Center (VLC) and Favor Primary School as each recently held a celebration for its graduates.

At both graduations, parents, teachers, and members from the community came together to show support and celebrate the accomplishments of the year and pray for the students as they continue onward. Many students also gave addresses or performances for their respective audiences.

Particularly in Jondoru, the community was so excited for what the Lord has done to their children through Favor. The village members are thrilled and grateful to finally have education in their village and that it’s all based on the Word of God!

We are grateful to God for the hard-working school teams who are shaping the next generation of South Sudanese leaders with a solid foundation in the word of God.

Enjoy a few of our best photos from each ceremony:

Favor Primary School's graduation ceremony, complete with balloons and decorations in school colors.
Simaya Wani giving an address during the proceedings.
A group of our primary students, queued to give their performance.
The Jondoru community, come together to celebrate its VLC students.
A Jondoru student receiving recognition and reading material to further his studies.