Full Circle Transformation

February 29, 2024

Full Circle Transformation

Graduates of our God's Institute for Transformation (GIFT) program in Gulu, Uganda are returning to help the next generation.

Four of our GIFT Vocational Training Center graduates who studied building and concrete - Daniel, Peter, Daniel, and Roger - have returned to their original communities and are earning enough to take good care of themselves and their families.

Through the spiritual empowerment they received from the GIFT program, they are making Christ known to their communities as well as serving in their local churches. What's more, they seek opportunities to come back to visit our GIFT center to encourage their younger brothers with their testimonies!

Francis, another of our graduates, was one of the first boys to join our GIFT family. He has recently completed his higher education with flying colors and earned a degree in education! Francis is now one of the teachers at our secondary school in Gulu, pouring into the next generation of students, some of which are in our GIFT program!

Each of these young men are so grateful to God, our directors, and our staff for never giving up on them. We ourselves turn our faces to our heavenly Father to give Him all praise for all the transforming work He's been doing in each of their lives. And like the Apostle John, we have no greater joy than to see our spiritual children continuing in the truth and pouring into the next generation (3 John 4)!

Francis, now one of our secondary school teachers, upon earning his degree in education.