The Cost of a Covenant

January 11, 2024

The Cost of a Covenant

Favor Staff's Second Mass Wedding Ceremony

At our headquarters in Juba, 11 more couples made marriage vows before God and a crowd of witnesses.

Traditionally, several social and communal expectations for would-be brides and grooms have made it unaffordable for them to get married. As such, many have avoided marriage altogether while other wealthier individuals have opted for polygamy.

Many in America are familiar with traditions such as throwing bachelor and bachelorette parties, purchasing special clothes for the wedding party, booking a wedding venue, paying for a marriage officiant, hosting a rehearsal dinner, and welcoming all the wedding guests to stay for dinner and cake. In Africa? Add expectations of paying a bride price to the bride's family and buying wedding clothes for every guest.

Recognizing the unhealthy social norms, we've sought to shift the status quo - from our dress rental shop to officiating weddings together, couples have been empowered to focus on and celebrate the covenant as the most important part.

We are overjoyed to see these brave couples leading by example in this God-honoring way!