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Village Learning Centers

The children in Uganda and South Sudan face tremendous barriers to education that include extreme poverty, limited resources, no schools in rural areas, and lack of transportation. Even those children fortunate enough to attend school face a 100:1 student-teacher ratio. Additionally, the prevalence of early marriage causes many females to have less opportunity and access to education from their mid-teen years going forward.

Favor strongly believes that every child should have the opportunity to survive and thrive in education. Our approach is to increase access to quality education by implementing village learning centers, in church buildings, that younger students in a village locale can reach on foot.

Education is a key factor in alleviating poverty. We use the Roots to Fruit curriculum, which is a bible based, Christian approach to education approved by the Ugandan government, for primary school. Within the community, we find teachers that speak the language and we provide training and put curriculum in their hands enabling them to teach the children a variety of educational classes. Favor also provides school supplies for the children and we sponsor the village learning school for 2-3 years until it becomes self sustainable. Village Learning Centers are a by-product of Women's Empowerment because the first thing mothers want to do when they become economically empowered is pay school fees for their children to get an education.

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“A wise man will listen and will add to his wisdom, and the intelligent will gain leadership.”

- Proverbs 1:5
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