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Changing nations, one community at a time.

Prayer, Evangelism, and Trauma Counseling lead to...

New Believers

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2-Month Portable Bible School

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We serve the Gospel and healing to the tribes of our own lands:


Post-War Recovery


South Sudan

60+ Years of Civil War

Map of Communities Targeted for New Church Building Construction

Our Vision

Transformed Hearts Transform Nations

Favor International serves to transform war-torn victims into purpose-driven Christian soldiers, equipped to advance the Gospel in villages and mobilized to advance the Kingdom in nations.

We see trauma being broken, communities revitalized, poverty in the past, and darkness driven away by the power of the Gospel in action. We multiply and accelerate leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit with discipleship to bring Biblical solutions to their own cultures.

We see a movement shaking nations in alignment with God’s heart through prayer, love, forgiveness, worship, education, strong families, and unifying leaders across the government, religious, business, and other mountains of influence.

We seek the victims of war becoming the instruments of revival.


Portable Bible School Graduation

Each two-month bootcamp trains participants to live Biblically in Jesus’s Kingdom and multiply disciples in their context. Taught by indigenous leaders to multiply and accelerate new leaders, each Portable Bible School (PBS) rejuvenates lifestyles around the Word and instills a love for the One behind the words, the living Word of God, Jesus Himself.

Our Founder's Interview on the Eric Metaxis Show

Carole Ward interviewed on the Eric Metaxas show and TBN

We are here for life. Uganda and S. Sudan are our homes.

Favor International is 100% operated by nationals. Our missionary staff members, volunteers, field workers, and management team leaders are born in the land and called to reach their brothers.


South Sudan



“They will rebuild the ancient ruins.
They will restore former desolations.

They will repair the ruined cities,
he desolations of many generations.
“In Him the whole building, being fitted together,
is growing into a holy temple for the Lord.”

– Isaiah 61:4, Ephesians 2:21

Our Mission

Multiply and Accelerate

Favor International serves and trains indigenous leaders who serve and train indigenous leaders. Through transforming whole communities by the power of the Gospel, prayer, education, and empowerment, genuine heart transformation is sustained: imparted to the next generation by strong families and multiplied to nearby villages in the deepest part of unreached regions.

We work in teams, ministering to communities, to sustain transformation in revitalized institutions of family, church, government, and business. These communities multiply and accelerate the Gospel and teachings of Jesus modeled in self-sacrificial love that most people have previously never encountered in war and poverty. Previously violent lands have ended their bloodshed by prayer and our community transformation model.

We serve the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out to His world and by being His hands and feet to the lost and the found. We serve the wounded, the poor, those orphaned and brutalized by war, the disenfranchised, the traumatized, the lost and hurting, winning them to Jesus rapidly, through a spiritual “army” of raised up and equipped indigenous missionaries.

Fruit that lasts is fruit that multiplies.


Church Building Construction

To villagers used to seeing missionaries come and go, a permanent church building announces that the Word of God is here to stay. Favor plans to build 1,000 new church buildings in each nation in partnership with vetted communities, grants, and your support. These buildings also serve as the central hub for education and income-generating projects centered on the Gospel.

What We Do

We mobilize indigenous leaders in front-line battlegrounds to align their communities with the purposes of God in every aspect of life.



Holistic transformation of whole communities by the Word of God made tangible.



& Evangelism

Mobilization of heaven's agenda through the unity of indigenous leaders



& Discipleship

Next-generation leadership raised to lead war-affected nations into God's peace.




Financial independence to pursue God's best, founded in freedom in Christ.


Current Projects

One-Time Initiatives that Impact Generations


Bibles for Rural Tribes

GOAL : 507945 $

RAISED : 508045 $

The cry for Bibles is desperate and universal. In most villages, Bibles are not available for purchase, even if money were no object, much less a Bible in the local language.

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Poultry Income for 500 Families

GOAL : 17000 $

RAISED : 0 $

The Gulu Poultry Production Demonstration Project will strengthen woman-headed households, empowering them to bring higher-quality, affordable protein to the tables of their communities.

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Solar Power for Two Radio Stations

GOAL : 110000 $

RAISED : 0 $

The installation of solar panels and batteries will decrease the operational cost of generator fuel and staff time to manually keep the generators running.

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We must do the work of the One who sent Me,
so long as it is day!
Night is coming when no one can work.”

– Jesus, John 9:4 TLV

Our Team

Family in the Kingdom

Favor International is a partnership; first with God, then with one another. What is Favor? We are a movement of God’s people doing God’s business God’s way. And that core makes us family, freely running toward the prize Jesus has set before us. The harvest is abundantly ready and overripe, but the workers are few. Will you join us in answer to our prayers for Jesus to send more laborers into the harvest?

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Structurally, Favor is one organization in three nations–Uganda, South Sudan, and the United States. Each nation has a volunteer board of directors.

In the field, we have over 200 employed indigenous missionaries running Favor’s ministries to train and mobilize thousands more. We financially support the work of hundreds more indigenous missionaries bearing fruit, raise youth under our care in a Godly, unified family, and we network with countless government leaders and other influencers to contain the harvest.

In the United States, we employ a small virtual team residing in several states, and receive help from volunteers in many more. The majority of our partners support all the work financially. Together, we are fulfilling the heart of God for the people of Uganda and South Sudan, plus the callings of every partner worldwide.

To go fast, you may go alone, but to go far, you must go together.


Prayer Moblization

National prayer gatherings, citywide overnight prayers, and other forms of prayer mobilization bring religious and community leaders together in the presence of God to change the course of nations.

Favor sponsored some of the regional prayer events in 2005 that God used to end the war in northern Uganda. To this day we see prayer mobilization move mountains others thought were impossible to move.

3 Nations, 1 Organization

Map showing geogrpahic relationship of field operations in Uganda, South Sudan, and serving parts of Sudan to primary support base in the United States.
Favor has organizations in Uganda, South Sudan, and the United States.

Our Home Bases

Our locations from where we praise, pray, train, and send missionaries.

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Stories of Transformation: The Kingdom is Here!

Transformed Hearts Transform Nations

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