From Bitter to Sweet

December 28, 2023

From Bitter to Sweet

Trading Bad Company for God's Word

Sandra and Winnie are two girls who have come into our GIFT (God's Institute for Transformation) Girls' program and are now experiencing the sweetness of God's love and His Word.

Sandra (16) never knew her father and started growing bitter towards her mom when she realized that her mom couldn't support her at school. She started spending time with bad company and eventually left home and started living on the streets.

Winnie (21) moved to the streets by the influence of her older brother who had been living on the streets for a while before her. "Life was totally rough because I had bad company, [I'd] left home, and all around me were evil things,"  Winnie shared. Eventually, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She also became bitter about her life.

While on the streets, both girls learned about Favor's GIFT program and sought to join to change the direction of their lives. When they got accepted into the program, Favor taught them about forgiveness and how deep God's love for them was despite their pasts. They both received Bibles and left behind their bitterness for the freedom they found in Jesus!

Winnie later took her baby boy to her mom for her to raise. Unfortunately, her older brother lost his life on the streets.

Both girls express much gratitude to everyone who made it possible for them to have their own Bibles. Sandra in particular cited Galatians 2:20 as one of her favorite verses so far from her personal study. "Christ now lives in me and I no longer live on my own," she now owns the truth of with confidence.