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Women Empowerment

A mother’s greatest desire is for her children to receive an education, but in rural Africa, many mothers struggle daily to make ends meet. This makes the children susceptible to traffickers' false promises of well-paying jobs. Most women are the breadwinners and are fighting for survival and to feed their families. In many rural areas schools are very far away and education is not affordable.

Favor’s Women Empowerment ministry ends this cycle by equipping women to generate their own income through training in skills, trauma healing, entrepreneurship, parenting, and financial management.  The women are empowered and given a project to begin.  This income gains them a measure of respect from their husbands and funds the medical and educational needs of all their children.

Additionally, we incorporate classes of anti abortion, trafficking awareness, health, and discipleship. Women and girls are given Biblical training, which builds confidence to share their faith. After deciding a course of action, we aid them in forming their own structure and accountability system. We make sure to plan ongoing follow-up as they begin to implement their new strategy, so they feel capable and assisted from start to finish. When the corporate project generates income, then the women begin individual businesses, shops, farming, and home building - each one providing for their children to go to school. It's a project that keeps giving!

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“They wanted to cross the water, so what did they do? They cried to Moses, and Moses cried to God. God said, ‘Raise the rod.’... But now when Israel was ready to take the Promised Land.... What did He say? ‘Put your feet in the water!’ It was a different tactic. You better hear God for every battle.”

- Carole Ward
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