Letters of Thanks

February 8, 2024

Letters of Thanks

Rescued Orphan Girls Offer Gratitude for New Life

A Portable Bible School pastor rescued 23 orphan girls from the streets of South Sudan and brought them to us for entry into our God's Institute for Transformation (GIFT) program.

The parents of these girls, we're told, were all killed during wars and cattle raiding, leaving these precious girls vulnerable to occult rituals, organ harvesting, trafficking, and worse. Now they are embracing their identity as daughters of the Most High God!

In letters of thanks to partners, they expressed much gratitude, specifically for food, water, beds, and education. Victoria wrote, "Thank you, dear precious partners, for giving me a home. I am so happy because I have a beautiful mama.... because of you my life is changed."

As well as embracing who they are in God, these South Sudan GIFT girls are also embracing their testimonies. Rosemary wrote, "I am here to testify what God has done for me.... I was sick and Jesus healed me. I give thanks to God for bringing me here."

From reading their letters, it's apparent that in spite of English not being their first language, the letters they wrote are honest and from the heart. We encourage you to read them yourself.