Spiritual Sight

December 14, 2023

Spiritual Sight

Elizabeth Achol used to attend a church service, but when trauma rained down she lost her spiritual sight on God and stopped.

Shortly after she and her husband got married, local disaster disrupted their marriage. Displaced from their home, circumstances forced Elizabeth to raise her daughter by herself and managing on her own became a challenge.

In the midst of this, at the beginning of this year, her daughter was attacked by the devil and her daughter was robbed of her eyesight. She took her daughter to hospitals in Juba, but the doctors weren't able to find any sickness and advised Elizabeth to consult a witch doctor instead. She refused.

If medical doctors couldn't help and she wouldn't dare trust a witch doctor with her daughter, who was left who could help?

Elizabeth found and took her daughter to a prayer group in Juba called Youth Mama. The group prayed for her daughter's sight to return and her daughter's eyes were healed! More than this, Elizabeth is encouraged by the outreach and has refocused her own sight on God and has reconnected with the church, attending service regularly now!

Elizabeth's daughter, though, confused and upset by the ordeal of temporarily losing her sight, is having a harder time adjusting. For this we continue to pray for Elizabeth and her daughter as we thank and praise God for opening eyes to His glory and bringing them this far!