The Women of Paibony

March 7, 2024

The Women of Paibony

Paibony Deliverance Church in Northern Uganda is thriving in ministry, and one notable reason for that is the church's Women Empowerment group.

During a brief sharing of Galatians 6:1-10 with the group, the women were overwhelmed with the caution and instructions on walking according to the will of the Spirit, and above all continuously doing good to all believers and at all times.

The Paibony Women Empowerment group is so thankful for the wonderful initiative that is bringing a difference in their lives. From trauma & emotional healing and lessons on forgiveness to training in prayer, home disciplines, and business ventures, every family is bringing many into the light of salvation like they had never experienced before.

Standing in the corner of the church building during one meeting, Agness Ajok testified to how the teaching has helped her find confidence in sharing the Gospel with others.

"For all my Christian life, I had not shared about Christ and his goodness to another," Agness said. "But [after being] taught on how to overcome my fear, I now share boldly the message of Christ [with] other people including my children, who used to not share my faith." She testified further that all her children had since received Jesus just within the past four months all because of the teachings from the Women Empowerment group.

Iren Aber, another member of the Women Empowerment group, also testified to the teachings' effectiveness.

"Soul winning has become part of my life and I feel so happy to see the people I shared the Gospel [with] come for the weekly fellowship," Irene said.

We rejoice with these women for the deepening of their own relationships with the LORD and for the souls they're bringing with them!