Sustainability Projects

Man sweeping a large chicken house.
Getting ready for our first batch of chick in our new chicken house.

God has provided Favor with a 270 acre farm. And wanting to be good stewards of what we’ve been given to work with and lead by example, we have a few sustainability projects that help provide for our ministry teams and support our programs directly. The farm is located just outside of Gulu which includes vegetables and fruit trees, and then a poultry house and fisheries are within our Education compound.

These projects also provide training for our vocational students from God's Institute For Transformation.  Former street youth are learning skills and gaining hands-on experience.  At the farm we grow vegetables to feed the ministry and are also able to use the products to grind our own fish feed and chicken feed.  The fish farm breeds and sells fingerlings and grows table fish for market and for consumption.

The Apostle Paul earned the right to receive total financial support for his ministry, but he also chose to not be a financial burden to communities, in order to demonstrate the love of Christ that compelled him (1 Corinthian 9:9-12, Acts 18:1-4). Likewise, Favor always operates with a ministry-first mindset, but good business is a necessary and powerful ministry – one in which many people are called by God to serve exclusively.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

- The Apostle Paul, Colossians 3:23
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Man hoeing row of dirt while another man scatters seeds behind him.
Planting sunflower seeds on Favor's 270 acre farm just outside Gulu, Uganda.
Man in maize crop collecting maize in a small bucket.
Another batch of second season maize on the Favor Farm (Summer 2023).
hundreds of thousands of maize kernels spread across very large tarp in the sun.
Letting the maize kernels dry out in the sun on the Favor Farm (Summer 2023).
Man sewing eleventh bag in a line of large bags filled to the brim.
Sewing shut bags of maize on the Favor Farm in preparation for market (Summer 2023).
Man weighing red onions on the back of an old truck.
Weighing red onions from our crop in Summer 2023.
A hundred baby chicks walking on spread out newspapers and drinking from water feeders.
Favor's first batch of baby chicks as we start poultry farming (Fall 2023).
Man in baby chick house pouring water into water feeder with baby chicks spread out around him.
Favor's first batch of baby chicks as we start poultry farming (Fall 2023).
Man next to water holding up fish from bucket while another man looks at fish.
Mirror carp from our fishery which grew quite well in 5 months.
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