Satellite Salvations

December 28, 2023

Satellite Salvations

Two more daughters of our Heavenly Father have shared their testimonies with our radio team of how each of them found salvation through the radio.

Jennifer was a witchdoctor for 9 years. Though she made enough money, she was in bondage to Satan who prohibited her from using her earnings to support the orphans in her care.

One day she tuned into Favour FM, and through the witness and the prayer being broadcast God's Spirit set her free from her spiritual bondage and gave her eternal life! Jennifer has since left her career as a witch doctor and started a small business to support families in her area.

Ajok found her life falling apart. Between family issues and failures in the business she was in, she started to realize she couldn't continue without help.

Ajok, likewise, tuned into Favour FM one day and received salvation! Since then, God has restored both her family and her business to her, and Ajok is thriving in the Lord now!

Praise the Lord for these two new sisters who have come to know Him!