Economic Empowerment

The Gospel is the Foundation of Health Economies...

Africans coming up a hill with supplies.
And healthy economies help lay new foundations of the Gospel to be shared freely.

We strongly believe in self-sustained economic development that can take communities from poverty to productivity. To alleviate poverty, profitable businesses must be created and sustained. We take a self-reliant approach through our model of education, empowerment, and investment. By providing training, especially in agricultural skills, overall community health and income is greatly impacted. We help communities develop the gifts and talents that God has given by equipping them with resources and opportunities. Your donation will provide life-changing support.

Five Africans holding hoes for a groundbreaking ceremony.
Rural Economic Empowerment

The land of Uganda is beautiful and fertile with three growing seasons per year, yet the wars of the last decade destroyed much infrastructure bringing development to a halt. South Sudan is hotter and drier but has great mineral wealth and pockets of fertile land. Most importantly, the real wealth of the land is in her people, who are numerous, hard-working, and have much time available.

Favor’s development initiatives address agricultural and economic training that equips women and men of all ages to become successful while providing an ongoing stream of sustainability for ministry activities. We bring economic empowerment to the rural villages through women’s empowerment, parts of our Portable Bible School curriculum, and village learning centers.

Intern with African man.
Local Economic Empowerment

Favor’s agricultural development initiatives include the cultivation of a fourteen acre farm on the GIFT work study property just outside the city of Gulu (location). At the House of Hope, sponsored children from our foster care program as well as those from our rehabilitation program are trained in valuable agricultural and farming skills as they learn to grow and sell cassava and beans and to raise and care for fruit orchards. The income generated from these sales is applied directly toward the operation of our primary school, work study and rehabilitation programs. Having completed the program, children are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to establish and operate profitable farming businesses of their own.

Income generation and hands-on
vocational training...

started to provide a rehabilitation center for children neglected in prison, where they can learn life skills and the Word, the GIFT “work study” agricultural site is now also being built and worked by the hundreds of youth who have left lives of crime on the streets of Gulu and have joined the Favor family.

The projects and plots you see in this diagram are all under development now at this site. Every team member and youth in our care are pitching in in some way to make the dream a reality.

Plan for Gulu Work Study Agricultural Projects site.

Economic development initiatives also take place inside the city of Gulu and the surrounding villages through our Women’s Empowerment program and Leadership Training Institute, both of which jump-start participants into personal business ventures. We have vocational training in tailoring, bakery, fisheries, hair dressing, agriculture, animal husbandry, mechanics, and a brick & construction program. Your donations of goods and funds are making these visions possible.

Favor has dozens of income-producing business projects at the idea stage and a few up and running. Our most mature visions are the Favour Primary School, which is financially self-sustaining, and the two radio ministries, which are earning some of their operational expenses from local advertising. Many other business visions, from a bridal dress shop to a print shop for Biblical educational material, have supplies and trained team members but are awaiting the funding for construction on our land. We have divided the details of these income-producing projects into two categories:

Agricultural Business Projects

Sheaves of hay or wheat leaning against a house.

Favor trains and equips many communities with more efficient agricultural production practices through our women’s empowerment program, which gives more financial independence to groups of women in rural villages to empower their families. Secondly, our own in-house agricultural projects teach vocational skills to youth coming to Jesus off the streets while producing local income generation for ministry and laying the experiential groundwork for a new generation of needed entrepreneurs.

Read More About Agricultural Business Projects

Retail & Service Business Projects

Favor’s primary school and radio stations are operated to generate income until they are revenue-neutral, earning enough income themselves to supply the costs of their ministries. The school is almost there, and the radio stations just got started on this path in 2018.

In addition, we have an immediate need internally for a printing press to publish our Portable Bible School books and many others, and this business can earn great income from other organizations. We have dozens of ideas like these and can share them with you upon request.

Read More About Retail & Service Business Projects

What You Can Do

You can support a whole women’s empowerment community development with a one-time gift of $3,000, or support a variety of other income-generating projects with any amount. These funds pay for tools, animals, machines, seed, supplies, fencing, construction, and many other facets of generating wealth locally. These projects enable people’s work to translate to greater productivity that they use to educate the next generation and/or free family members to serve in missions without requiring as much overseas support.

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A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”
— Carole Ward

“It’s time. It’s a new day and new season. David took down fear. He took down paralysis of a nation. He took down the stalemate of opposition, and instead of now Goliath and the Philistines coming on Israel, they turned the table of war around. Israel pursues them, destroys them, and defeats them.”

- Carole Ward

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