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Economic Empowerment

The Gospel is the Foundation...

Weighing red onions from our crop in summer 2023.
...of healthy economies. And healthy economies help lay new foundations of the Gospel to be shared freely.

We strongly believe in self-sustained economic development that can take communities from poverty to productivity. To help alleviate poverty and bring sustainability requires that basics such as training, implementation of economic projects, and monitoring be part of the process. Our model of education, empowerment, and investment enables the most marginalized people to bring themselves and their communities out of poverty. By providing training, especially in agricultural skills, and animal husbandry the overall health and income of a community are greatly impacted.

We help communities develop the gifts and talents that God has given by equipping them with resources and opportunities such as funding to launch new businesses. Your donation of goods and funds aid us in providing life-changing differences in these communities who are turning to Jesus as their ultimate provider.

What You Can Do

“It’s time. It’s a new day and new season. David took down fear. He took down paralysis of a nation. He took down the stalemate of opposition, and instead of now Goliath and the Philistines coming on Israel, they turned the table of war around. Israel pursues them, destroys them, and defeats them.”

- Carole Ward
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Fish pond construction at God's Institute for Transformation.
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