Deliverance Surrounding Radio

January 18, 2024

Deliverance Surrounding Radio

Within the past couple of weeks, several testimonies of deliverance and breakthrough have come in as a result of our radio teams.

George (pictured above) is one of our listeners who was a drunkard & HIV positive. He kept following our radio programs and God delivered him from HIV and his drinking! Julius, who had been suffering from waist pain, and Wilfred, who had several health complications, each reported similarly that they received healing from the Lord while listening to one of Favor's radio programs.

Whatever the program, no matter the need, God's grace of deliverance is being poured out on families across South Sudan and Uganda.

Wesley, not seeing a way to move forward in his marriage, had divorced his wife and ended his marriage. Or so he thought until he started listening to Favor's Family Values program. God helped him find the breakthrough he needed and he reunited with his wife!

One of the greatest testimonies we had as we finished 2023 came on account of one of our listeners who called our team and said her sister and children from a Muslim background wanted to give their lives to Christ. Without hesitation, our team went to their house to pray with the family, and the whole family gave their lives to Christ with great excitement. Not only this, but they surrendered all of the charms they possessed as God has delivered them from the strongholds of both Islam and witchcraft. Glory be to God!