Saving Culture

January 25, 2024

Saving Culture

The Women Empowerment group of Nwoya and Omoro districts of Uganda are starting to thrive in the saving culture being cultivated through the training.

In Nwoya, the group's Tuesday fellowship not only helps the women continue learning how to save money and balance their account books but also to train and encourage them to take their relationship with God as the highest priority, out of which every other need is met. During these Tuesday meetings, the women rotate taking the lead on sharing the Word of God with the others so that all the women in the group gain opportunity for growth and confidence in serving the Lord.

When we empower women, we give them business skills training and move with them with a hands-on participatory approach to help them identify what livelihood activities they want to pursue. Joyce from the Omoro District is one woman who has used oxen and plows quite successfully to produce soya beans and maize. From this, she's been able to open up what has become one of the biggest grocery stores in the Awere Ajan village. Others have called her blessed and she always sets aside part of her profits to facilitate weekly evangelism.

This culture Favor instills wouldn't be complete without these women's successes lifting up their whole families. Through this culture of saving, these women have also shared that they also have enough to feed their families more than one meal per day and support their children's education.

We also believe that a stable family - free of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) - leads to a stable church. To this end, we conducted an intensive training and conference on GBV and Godly marriages. The conference helped many couples to understand the mind of God in marriages and compelled them to crave for more of God in their marriages.

We praise God for how His culture of saving is finding fertile ground and restoring resources and families through our Women Empowerment program!

Tuesday meetings are a time for Women Empowerment groups to take turns sharing the Word of God with each other.
Attendees at the training and conference on Gender-Based Violence and Godly marriages.