Volunteer Educators Training

February 8, 2024

Volunteer Educators Training

Our mission station in Rumbek, South Sudan hosted training at the beginning of February for 13 individuals interested in volunteering to teach at Village Learning Centers (VLCs).

Among those who came for the training were fathers, God's Institute for Transformation staff, field missionaries, House of Prayer volunteers, and several community members - all notably committed to the training.

The training covered a variety of topics such as Biblical work ethics, raising children in a godly manner, approaches to different learning concepts, building trust and relationships with learners, South Sudan curriculum, and lesson planning.

The trainees greatly appreciated Favor for the training to help them grow as educators. Susan, who attended the training, talked about how she is looking forward to help her community by applying what she learned. John, another trainee, said that he was very excited that this will lead to the transformation of his community and also promised to take full responsibility to train and teach children in godly manners.

To wrap up the training for our VLCs, the coordinator prayed over these volunteer teachers before they returned to where they each would serve.

Some of the VLCs where these teachers will serve are supported by Women Empowerment programs, but one for our GIFT children will be starting at our mission station in South Sudan. And the students at each location are ready and eager. At His Grace VLC in Lukai, 100 learners have already reported in and have enjoyed the Roots to Fruits curriculum that was delivered for them!

We praise God for the lives these teachers will deeply touch through education and example.

Praying over each of the volunteers at the end of the training.
His Grace VLC children in Lukai displaying their new curriculum books.