Favor Secondary School

Secondary students with notebooks, sitting in a circle with with their 'academic parent'.
Students having a meeting with the teacher assigned to be their "academic parent."

The mission of Favor Schools is to educate the next generation of Uganda and South Sudan’s leadership on the Word of God, prayer, and academic excellence. Favor has long seen the need to continue walking further with Favor Primary students through their foundational education years while also offering Christ-centered, quality educational opportunities to secondary-age students who haven’t yet had the same opportunities afforded to them.

Our Favor Secondary School opened to the public for the first time in February 2023. We have welcomed 135 registered students from all walks of life, religions, and income levels. We openly teach and practice the Word of God, and these amazing young men and women routinely come to know the love of Jesus as they pray and see God move.

If we had the space, we could have easily welcomed 500. The response has been overwhelming. Many different social agendas and parents are crying for Christian education. We are seeing them grow in the Lord and receive quality education they wouldn’t have had much opportunity to have beforehand. As God provides, we will be able to meet the desperate needs of those on our waiting list.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

- Proverbs 22:6
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Group of teens with walking sticks between forest and river.
A group of our secondary students on a hiking excursion.
Teen boy pouring clear liquid into long tube while other teen boy watches.
Two of our secondary boys working together on a science experiment.
Terry Goodman speaking to secondary age students sitting on tile floor of big room.
Country Director Terry Goodman speaking to Favor Secondary students during a day of prayer and fasting.
Secondary age students praying to God, each by themselves.
Secondary student in prayer during day of prayer and fasting.
Secondary age students in uniform funneling out door of building and making faces at camera.
Favor High School started in 2023 and this year has double attendance with over 270 students.
Teenage boy holds drips liquid into flask while peers look on
We have welcomed 100+ secondary students from all walks of life, religions, and income levels.
Our goal is excellence - academically and spiritually. Many students have already given their lives to Jesus.
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