Goats for Women

January 4, 2024

Goats for Women

Women of Puranga, Uganda praised and worshipped God as they waited to receive two goats for each member of their Women's Empowerment group.

Over the last year, these 50 women were taught various topics to aid their spiritual growth, economic empowerment, and social integration. Now they have gladly entered into the next phase by taking on this business project together.

Upon delivery of the goats, Favor staff vaccinated all 100 goats against worms and parasites that could greatly affect their health. Then each woman received one male and one female goat.

Jovanz, one of the women in the group, couldn't allow this day to go by without testifying to how the project's training had already helped her family. Jovanz shared how Favor's training on child-raising and Godly marriage has shaped her family.

"My children are now listening to my teachings and instructions," Jovanz said. "They are more obedient and humble than before. My marriage life has changed since I now treat my husband differently, which has increased love from him and rallied his support."

We praise God for the transformation He is bringing about for these women!