Laying Burdens Down

November 30, 2023

Laying Burdens Down

Mobile Missionaries in the Cattle Camps

The nomadic lifestyle of the cattle keepers raises many challenges in outreach efforts, but having the Jesus Film in their own language has been making the difference.

During this wave of Portable Bible School outreaches, one of our teams of missionaries have been traveling with a group of cattle keepers in South Sudan. As they have traveled together, our team has been hosting Trauma Counseling and Jesus Film showings in these remote areas with solar energy.

Some cattle keepers are infamously known as cattle raiders who will kill in order to steal the cattle of other cattle keepers. This reality pushes many in this occupation to fight to protect their own and sometimes enact revenge. But as their hearts have opened up to Jesus through the Trauma Counseling program and through witnessing Jesus's selfless example of love in the Jesus Film, many have been leaving these occupational ways behind them.

At one Jesus Film showing, one man expressed his joy at hearing Jesus speak in his language. Following the film, 20 in this group gave their lives to Jesus and began sharing their testimonies with others!

Another man shared how the Jesus Film helped him to understand God's forgiveness as Jesus prayed on the cross for the Father to forgive those who were crucifying him. Because of this and the Trauma Counseling, he said he has put his faith in Jesus and forgiven those who have wronged him. "I put my life and my cattle in the hand of God."

After another showing at the Kar Cattle Camp, 15 others gave their lives to Jesus! The following morning, the cattle keepers were having to leave the camp suddenly and a few young people encouraged our missionaries to follow them to the next cattle camp.

Praise the Lord for what He is doing in raising up more mobile missionaries through these cattle camps!