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Stopping Violence with the Word of God

Matangai PBS Center in Congo with Bibles and graduation certificates ready to be handed out.
Matangai PBS Center in Congo with Bibles and graduation certificates ready to be handed out.

In South Sudan, we have the motto "Bibles instead of bullets", and as was the case in Uganda, God's Word helps stop violence, child abductions, cattle raiding, and many times has been our protection.

The methods we have found most effective for putting the Bible into the hands of precious people are in multiplying our discipleship efforts with Portable Bible Schools (raising up disciples who raise up other disciples), in nurturing the next generation through our GIFT (God’s Institute For Transformation) children’s homes, establishing houses of prayer to unite believers in prayer and ongoing evangelistic work in a given area, and in reaching into harder-to-reach corners of the nation through our radio stations.

We prioritize Bible distribution by ordering and storing Bibles, and hiring translation teams to provide Bibles in new languages. We supply an average of approximately 50,000 Bibles just to PBS graduates.

Because 95% of rural people in South Sudan and Uganda are illiterate, they make much use out of audio Bibles in their language-listening from prisons, cattle camps, rowing in a river fishing boat, farming in their fields, or sitting around their huts together. Many people in rural areas are illiterate and so the audio format enables them to listen and learn God's Word in their own language.  Oftentimes they form listening groups where they get together to listen and learn.

“…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

- The Apostle Paul, 2 Timothy 2:2
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A PBS graduating class celebrating by wearing colorful wreaths.
Our PBS graduates receive their own Bible and a graduation certificate.
PBS graduates in Karamoja, Uganda holding certificates above their heads in celebration.
Some of our 2023 Karamoja PBS graduates upon graduating.
Men and women lining up to be baptized in dirty water.
Graduates of the Te-Olam, Uganda PBS entering the water to be baptized.
Three street kids sitting against a wall with plates of food.
In Juba, we feed, care for, and disciple street youth in 20 locations around the city.
A woman helping a little boy play with blocks.
One of our GIFT workers working one-on-one with a young GIFT boy.
Youthful boy looking on as a man draws something on paper.
A GIFT staff member mentoring one of our older GIFT boys.
A circle of a dozen people, standing and holding hands while they pray.
Our team praying during a 3-day fast leading up to the Anaka Crusade.
Front view of crowd with hands lifted in prayer.
The crowd at the Anaka Crusade crying out to God.
Man and woman sitting, facing each other under canopy.
A woman who attended the Anaka Crusade being counseled by one of our missionaries.
Man sitting at desk with headphones on and computers and radio equipment in front of him.
Praise Jesus for Favour FM reaching millions daily through the airwaves.
Children reading from books into microphones.
Children reading a story from a youth story Bible for one of our Favor radio programs.
Woman with tears running down her face as she speak into radio station microphone.
Vicky, testifying to how she got saved through Favor's radio and how Jesus turned her life around.
National Prayer Gathering, Juba, South Sudan.
National Prayer Gathering, Juba, South Sudan.
Newspaper with headline reading, "Bashir forced out of power," and secondary headline reading, "Favour Africa to build one thousand churches nationwide."
First media promotion of Favor occurs on the front page of one of the most important issues ever.

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