What We Do

Disciples Who Make Other Disciples

Men and women lining up to be baptized in dirty water.
The Te-Olam Portable Bible School class of Fall 2023, heading into the water with their teacher to be baptized.

Favor International is a non-denominational missionary movement!

Founded in northern Uganda and also operating in neighboring South Sudan, Favor International serves and trains war-torn victims into purpose-driven Christian missionaries, equipped to advance the Gospel in villages and mobilized to advance the Kingdom in nations. Entirely operated by indigenous leaders of Uganda and South Sudan, Favor is a spiritual family of disciple makers turning the world upside down from occult and Islamist darkness to its proper alignment in Jesus’s love and lordship.

We multiply and accelerate leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit with discipleship to bring Biblical solutions to their own cultures. We see a movement shaking nations in response to God’s heart through prayer, love, forgiveness, worship, education, strong families, and unifying leaders across the government, religious spheres, business, and other mountains of influence. The victims of war are becoming the instruments of revival.

Five Keys to Sustainable, National Transformation Diagram: 1) Biblical training & rural aid, 2) ongoing discipleship, 3) church development, 4) widow and street youth care, 5) individual, communal, and regional prayer.

Our Approach

Working in this ministry since 2002, we have learned that only a Christ-centered holistic approach will bring true and lasting transformation to the life of a nation. Prayer is the fuel and engine of everything Favor does among the war-affected communities of Uganda, South Sudan, and beyond. We started as a prayer movement!  Today we start with prayer, we go with prayer and we end with prayer and it is the only way to access the  power we need to bring God’s love and transformation to whole communities.

Favor teams and the communities we serve pray frequently because we believe in the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much! We are fruitless working without Him - so prayer is our heartbeat!

Favor has four departments that make up the structure of the ministry:

Sustainability hinges on laying a foundation of Gospel truth from which to raise up national leaders to guide the ongoing process of restoration. Our life-on-life discipleship looks like walking alongside each Ugandan widow, each South Sudanese gang member, and each street youth from where they are and giving them the light of Jesus.

“So he got up and went to his father. “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him” (Luke 15:20).
See Clement Talk About Reaching His Murle People

Through this process, war-affected people learn how to rebuild their own lives and communities through the Hope of Jesus by practical application of Gospel truths. The success has been miraculous. Communities are becoming thriving centers of spiritual, social, economic, and educational growth. Many villages are now sending missionaries of their own to their unreached neighbors. The transformation occurring in these villages, towns, and nations is happening at a fraction of the time and cost that any American worker could achieve!

We are confident in the mysterious ways in which God is moving. (Play the video to hear the amazing story of how God opened a door to a whole people group we wouldn’t have been able to reach if not for God!)

See Clement Talk About Reaching His Murle People

“If you cannot bind up the broken heart and the wound of a nation or a person, they will eventually die. There’s an obstacle against healing, and there’s been an obstacle against reaching the unreached.”

- Carole Ward
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