What Happens in Juba...

February 22, 2024

What Happens in Juba...

Is Worth Sharing with the World

Our House of Prayer in Juba stands as a symbol of unity, drawing together hundreds of believers representing diverse tribes, communities, and denominations.

For five days a week, community members take a break from work each afternoon and convene here to worship God and pray for South Sudan. This House of Prayer has recently led a revival in the entire city of Juba and hosted a community fellowship where plenty of people received healings and shared testimonies.

Our prayer teams have also gone to nearby villages to preach the Gospel and pray for people in their workplaces and homes. They found a number of people with spiritual challenges, including some with demonic attacks.

In a recent visit to the Kator area of Juba, we connected with 16 households, talking with over 60 individuals. On this visit, 28 people accepted Christ as their Savior! Our teams prayed for the sick and cast out the demons. This type of community outreach helps bring the Good News of Christ to folks who otherwise would remain without knowing the Gospel.

There's a catchphrase that what happens in a given city stays that city, which is often used to excuse actions or words that the speaker wants to keep secret. But we operate by a different principle because the redemption God is bringing to us and those we meet is for everyone.

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile." - Romans 1:16

What happens in Juba doesn't stay in Juba. We boast in God that the things happening in and around our House of Prayer serve as a model that is bringing far-reaching transformation beyond our borders!

Praying together in the Juba House of Prayer.