No Longer Slaves

February 15, 2024

No Longer Slaves

Two Individuals Delivered from Sensuality

The Word of God going out from our radio stations has reached and rescued two individuals who found themselves enslaved by the ways of the flesh.

Irene Anyut from Uganda glorifies the LORD for how she received Christ as her Savior. Before Irene was born again, she was working in prostitution and as a club dancer. But when she tuned into Favor FM during a program called "Moving in Glory", she received salvation and put her former line of work behind her as a new woman in Jesus!

Irene said that she has been continually growing spiritually through Favor's radio as she now listens to this station daily because she finds peace in the message preached. And as she continues learning the Word of God she is also sharing it with others!

"Our motto is mercenaries into missionaries and prostitutes into preachers." - Carole Ward

And in Juba, South Sudan, Justo Wani recently came into our office to share his story of transformation. For years, Justo had struggled with an addiction to drugs and sexual immorality. By God's grace, he tuned into our airwaves and got instantly convicted during a sermon on the need to turn away from sin to God who forgives all sins.

Wani threw away his bottles of beer and began following prayer programs on the radio every day, which gradually helped him end his dependence on drugs.  Following this, he began to call in during the radio's live teachings and was led to salvation.

Irene and Wani are just two examples of many who have been reached and saved through Favor FM. We have received many more testimonies from people who have heard the Word from remote villages through their radio sets and been healed physically and spiritually. We praise God for each and every soul!