Mission & Vision

Map of Northern Africa with marks for where Favor is and has been.

Transformed Hearts
Transform Nations

Click the image above to see in larger view where all God has established His Kingdom through indigenous Favor missionaries. PBS stands for Portable Bible Schools, and our Favor Africa Ministries International (FAMI) mission stations are for ongoing discipleship, church planting, and growth.
A Spiritual Army From the Broken, Lost, and Impoverished

God has raised Favor up to mobilize a spiritual army from the broken, lost, and impoverished in Uganda, South Sudan, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo, Kenya, and Central African Republic. This army will raise up the next generation of soldiers growing and expanding the Kingdom of God that will overcome the strongholds of darkness that have long plagued Northern Africa. Favor plans to reach Libya, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia within the next five years.

Favor International serves to transform war-torn victims into purpose-driven Christian victors, equipped to advance the Gospel in villages and mobilized to advance the Kingdom in nations.We see trauma resolved, communities revitalized, at-risk children rescued from traffickers, poverty shrinking, and darkness driven away by the power of the Gospel in action.

Favor does whatever is needed to bring the Gospel and discipleship to unreached areas – often what others are unwilling or unable to do.

Africans under a thatched roof praying and worshipping God.

Favor fills the necessary gap to see the Kingdom built, no matter its shape. Often we are in a position of pioneering ground for the Gospel until a healthy national congregation is completing the work independently. Our posture is to be servants that initiate the labor with the purpose in mind of passing the authority and responsibilities as soon as the young congregation is able.

Favor addresses any challenges within the body, so we can ignite the fruitfulness together in our many efforts. There are too few laborers in the field, therefore we must not slow down, we must not give up. More laborers are needed for this massive harvest. But as soon as a multitude of visible church organizations are influencing every institution of their societies, then Favor’s work has been accomplished and can lead them to pioneer a new area for Kingdom work. We accomplish this heavy task by discipling in the Spirit.

Small group of Africans in native dress with raised hands.Africans praying while gathered under canopies, and one woman on her knees in the open.
Our passion is to mobilize national leaders in front-line battlegrounds to align their communities with the purposes of God in every aspect of life.

National leaders are solving problems others haven’t been able to. They are willing to work harder, more self-sacrificially, and more effectively for their people and nation than we ever could. Our work is to serve and train them and ensure they have everything they need to multiply and accelerate individual and national transformation. National leadership is one of our core principles in Favor. We desire to empower and uplift the people of Uganda, South Sudan, and Chad.

Favor serves and trains indigenous leaders who meet the needs of thousands in war-torn places.

As Favor trains more and more leaders, what we hope to instill in them are these following traits:

  • Strong prayer life,
  • Humble dependency and submission to God,
  • Passion for the Kingdom mission,
  • Focused study of God’s Word,
  • Discipleship,
  • Desire to serve native to their location,
  • Developed vision, calling, and gifts from God,

As transformation has taken much time and commitment, investing into national leadership and discipleship has proven to be the most fruitful to administer transformation. Our ministry is committed to not just give temporary relief and then leave. We are here to sow for a lifetime.

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Favor gets the Gospel out to unreached areas where few others go, and we lead discipleship efforts beyond mere evangelism to produce fruit that multiplies.

The Gospel is foundational to all other humanitarian work (education, orphanages, business, medical, etc.) and must be in place for other organizations to effectively do their work. National leaders can better access all spheres of their societies with greater speed and less expense than western missionaries.

Favor’s vision definitely is to see national leaders of all walks of life, equipped by the rest of the body of Christ, establish national leaders of all walks of life to disciple other national leaders to further establish the Kingdom of God.

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Transformed Hearts Transform Nations