Carole Ward

Founder & International Director
Juba, South Sudan

Carole Ward is a missionary, leader, and teacher fostering an indigenous missions movement in Northern Uganda and South Sudan.  She moved to Uganda in 2002 during a 20-year horrific war, where she served and trained African leaders from all backgrounds to pray. Together they saw the war end,  and she began equipping them to reach their own people with the power of the Gospel.

As a third-generation American missionary, Carole grew up in the Philippines in a militant Muslim area, where her parents were Wycliffe Bible translators.  Her grandparents spent 30 years in China, as medical missionaries in Shanghai. Growing up in the Philippines shaped the longing of Carole’s heart to reach the most unreached people groups with the Word of God, and to embrace the oppressed, widows, orphans, and victims of war and suffering.

Carole came to the United States from the Philippines as a teenager, received a nursing degree, and began therapeutic foster parenting for emotionally disturbed and traumatized children. She continued with that ministry for the next 20 years. In addition, she worked as a nurse in home health and hospital settings, and then opened a residential care facility for Alzheimer’s patients. She served in church administration in positions of leadership training, evangelism, discipleship coordination, and city-wide prayer ministries.

In 2002, the Lord opened the door for Carole to serve in Uganda. She was the interim director of a Bible College in southern Uganda and had the oversight of 42 Portable Bible schools in 5 East African countries, through a Campus Crusade missionary work. During that year of service, God began to answer the cry of her heart, “Lord, let me lay my life down for you, where no one else wants to go, and to do what no one else wants to do.”

As the war in the north claimed thousands of lives and saw 50,000+ children abducted, and as missions, government agencies, and westerners were leaving the warzone, Carole moved into the area to pray and to live. Her cry was, “Lord, would you give me a bucket of water and a towel so I could walk through the land and wash the feet of men and women who have walked in suffering that I’ll never understand.”

After 6 months of prayer, Ugandans came to her with desperate visions for reaching their own people with Bibles, discipleship, education, evangelism, and more. The government required registration to work in the high-profile war area, so Carole formed Favour of God Ministries in 2004 and began training indigenous missionaries to run the vision.  Because of desperate prayer meetings, reconciliation, and unity among believers and tribes, God used these Ugandan nationals, under Carole’s prayerful leadership to help end the LRA war by 2006.

In 2007, God led Carole to begin extending the missionary work into Sudan before it became liberated. Again, the cry of her heart, was ‘Give us the lost’. This led to National Prayer Gatherings in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, being mobilized in 2015 and then again in 2019, in order to see enough peace for the Gospel to extend to the farthest regions of the nation, and into the most remote tribes and villages. In 2014, FAMI was birthed as a sister organization to FOGM in Northern Uganda, with the same vision, passion, foundation of prayer, and indigenous leadership development within each country. The vision extended was for every tribe and language to reach their own people and beyond, with the power of God’s Word.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Favour of God Ministries and Favour Africa Ministries Intl, and through the indigenous teams she has raised up and trained, Carole continues to spearhead rural tribal discipleship movements, organizes national prayer events, cares for orphaned and community children, establishes Christian education, trains indigenous leadership, equips hundreds and thousands through Portable Bible Schools and trauma rehabilitation, plants and builds churches throughout the two nations, conducts mobile medical clinics, and carries on with a passion for the unreached people groups of Northern Africa.  Under her leadership, pioneering ministries are advancing the Kingdom of God into remote tribal regions and unreached people group areas that are most needy for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Carole is passionate about prayer and teaching God’s Word.  She burns with a vision to see people walk in a new level of restoration and revival.  She loves God’s people, as well as the lost, and feels deep compassion for the suffering, the poor, and the abandoned. She is an agent of national transformation. For more information, please connect with Carole on LinkedIn.


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