Hand In Hand

August 17, 2023

Hand In Hand

As with everything else we do, education goes hand-in-hand with prayer and devotion to God's Word.

We apply this principle from the youngest to the oldest - from our Village Learning Centers to Favor Secondary School, even to the interactions with parents of students.

First graders who attend the Jondoru Village Learning Center in rural South Sudan have made good progress since they started about a year ago. Now they can read the alphabet, identify words, and memorize bible verses. This education model combines normal school curriculum with Biblical studies and is aimed to produce men and women steeped in the Word of God who will sustain the spread of the Gospel in that nation.

At our new Favor Secondary School, students recently shared together in a day of prayer and fasting held each school term. We saw so much joy and fervency as these high school students shared together in seeking God.

Jennet Payesu shared her testimony of a breakthrough for her children's education following prayer. Since her husband's separation from her in 2013, he had cut off communication and any support to the family, leaving her to take care of their five children. As a result, she couldn't always afford to keep them in school. We prayed with her for breakthrough and then her husband called to check on them! For their two primary school aged children who had been out of school, he asked her to send back to school because he had paid all their school fees!

Glory to God for all the opportunities He has given us to lead by example both the young and old to walk hand-in-hand with Him!

Jennet Payesu, who came to share her testimony.