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The Kingdom is Here!

The blind see, the lame walk, the Word is proclaimed, and people are redeemed daily through the planned and spontaneous evangelism of Favor’s missionary leaders. We are seeing revival overflow all over South Sudan and Uganda. A significant factor in the success in so many contexts is the cohesiveness of all the ministry departments. As we prepare to outreach in different contexts, our various branches work cohesively to promptly act on the opportunity to share Jesus.

Our Evangelism Strategy

It begins by finding a relationship to the village or specific context. The beautiful reality is that each outreach leads to more outreaches because it all based on relationships. Here’s an example!

We travel to prisons, hospitals, marketplaces, and unreached villages all the time. And, as we minister, we are searching for more and more relationships to continue the spread of the Gospel. Our friend, Clement, who we met in a prison outreach, is a member of the Merle people. Never before were we able to initiate relationships with these people. And, in a hostile and/or exclusive environment, it’s best to find a person of the tribe to be our bridge. Because of our outreach to a prison, we were able to reach to a whole people group through Clement. He was radically saved and shortly after being released from prison he invited teams to bring an outreach and a PBS (Portable Bible School) to share the Good News with his people. The method is simple, but impactful. God saves through relationship, therefore we will share through relationship.

3-Day Outreach

Once this relationship is established, our House of Prayer teams prepare to travel for a 3-day outreach. The team boldly and compassionately go door-to-door to introduce themselves, share a Gospel account, and invite them for a gathering planned at a chosen location in the village or city. Our HOP teams are at the forefront of the mission often times traveling on foot far and wide. These outreaches open doors for communities to be changed, PBS teams to come, and for administrative teams to come and scope out logistics and resources for church planting.

You can support one day of a full-scale crusade event preaching to thousands for only $200 monthly, or two people can support such a day for only $100 monthly over the course of a year! These funds pay for travel expenses, equipment rental, event licenses, and pre-meeting advertising. The result will be miracles that bring many to faith in Jesus, family members in Christ healed and set free, and testimonies to God’s faithfulness and love across all generations.

“We will go to hell and back to rescue those who are perishing, if you will hold the ropes.”

— Quote on Favor mission house wall

We will reach the unreached

Favor reaches many considered to be unreachable by promoting crusades and outreach to the communities. Because God is worthy for all to worship him, our efforts are growing to reach every corner of both South Sudan and Uganda. As we continue our outreach initiatives, more reports are coming in monthly to tell of the amazing things God is doing.


In 2020, we held a crusade in Gulu that had thousands of people attending. Our exuberant speakers and leaders were on stage preaching and inviting the crowds to salvation. God save over 1,500 people and 295 were baptized in water on site. Below is an image of what a crusade looks like.

Youth Gang life

Due to these great revivals breaking out in the cities, the street gangs are slowly diminishing and laying down their guns. We even have seen God’s salvation cause the crime rate to lower.

“The crime rate of Gulu has lowered as much as 80%.” -Mayor of Gulu

Juvenile Detention Centers

Like our visits to prisons, we also bring outreaches and PBS’s to juvenile detention centers in Uganda. The Remand Homes are the government centers that are located in 4 major cities; Gulu being one of them. We have been allowed there to minister to the children and every month at least 40 give their life to the Lord.

Each crusade is labor intensive and requires much preparation. Therefore, we are praying and in the works of purchasing additional crusade equipment, specifically another truck for transport. We are also expanding the new House of Prayer building for safe equipment storage. The trucks and building demonstrate a blessing of growth and seriousness of taking the Gospel farther and more efficiently.

Will you help today?

A crusade in Wau, South Sudan, once swelled to 1.4 million people

A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”

— Carole Ward

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