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Favor operates two radio stations that cover Gulu, Uganda and Juba, South Sudan - that reach communities and individuals who would otherwise not hear God’s Word at the right place, in the right time.

Using Radio to Spread the Gospel

Radio is the most accessible form of media in these regions to spread the Gospel to large audiences. Muslims can listen to the Gospel and teaching without repercussions. It’s the greatest vehicle for reaching rural as well as urban areas, danger zones or peaceful districts, business offices, homes, and the most remote villages disconnected from development. People from all walks of life listen to radios while in their homes, while working, and while riding bicycles.

Governments and communities have acknowledged the immense value of the radio in shaping perspectives and informed decision-making processes, as well as accelerating learning. Foremost is the Gospel, then we also use it for training on health education, businesses, family and social values, post-war recovery, and much more. Our programming is a mix of teaching, music, news, testimonies, prayer, preaching, education, and more. Favor stays on the cutting edge of programming, production, and marketing, in order to strive for financial sustainability.

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Two Million Listeners

As we bring healing and hope to the people in all directions, we reach out to almost 2 million listeners throughout northern Uganda, and about 20,000 throughout the South Sudan region where our booster is located. This is due to the low height of our in-town booster in Juba, but we look forward to this number reaching over 1 million, as a new booster is constructed at our station site.

Radio is Bridging the Gap

The radio is also a bridge that helps people reconcile and it addresses the trauma resulting from the effects of war and conflicts through the love of Jesus Christ. People can hear testimonies and resolutions of transformed lives in their own language. It helps heal the country and raises awareness of the love of Christ. It also helps squash the stigma and rumors and superstition which are prevalent. The radio ministry helps bring about the truth and the cohesiveness so needed in the communities by developing followers of Christ. Favour FM is the first licensed all-Christian radio in northern Uganda and South Sudan.

All means available are used to touch hungry hearts with gospel music, preaching and prayer, local pastors and teachers, Bible School on air, and more. We have become one of the HIGHEST preferred radio stations in the region in both nations, with a high level of daily community involvement and call-ins. These daily calls are for prayer, testimonies, discussion, or question-and-answer sessions with local leaders. Over 200 calls come in per day. Favor’s stations are powerful tools for education, training, development, community updates, and national transformation.

Lives are being changed, people are accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior, the sick are getting healed right away, lame are walking, blind are seeing… all during our daily prayer session over the radio! They call in and come in, and our Favor radio team visits them in their villages and communities after their testimonies, to give them Bibles and validate their recorded testimonies.

Excitement is in the air, and the power of God is moving through the airwaves, touching hearts and capturing lives, all for His glory!!

What You Can Do

Thank you for helping us with two powerful radio stations that are now recapturing the airwaves of east Africa: FAVOR FM in Gulu, northern Uganda, and FAVOR FM in Juba, South Sudan! We are also looking into expanding our reach by transmitting the Gospel even farther… into Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, Somalia, and nations surrounding us.

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A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”
— Carole Ward

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!'

- The Apostle Paul, Romans 10:14-15

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