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Retail & Service Business Projects


Training Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Favor trains leaders who train leaders. Business skills wrought from real-world enterprises founded on the Word and infused with Kingdom culture train entrepreneurs with the calling and ability to change lives.

Favor maintains several income-generating businesses locally to supply the needs of our team and to teach local provision. The apostle Paul earned the right to receive total financial support for his ministry, but he also chose to not be a financial burden to communities, in order to demonstrate the love of Christ that compelled him. Likewise, Favor always operates with a ministry-first mindset, but good business is a necessary and powerful ministry – one which many people are called by God to serve in exclusively.

Favor’s primary school and radio stations are operated to generate income until they are revenue-neutral, earning enough income themselves to supply the costs of their ministries. The school is almost there, and the radio stations just got started on this path in 2018.

In addition, we have an immediate need internally for a printing press to publish our portable Bible school books and many others, and this business can earn great income from other organizations. We have dozens of ideas like these and can share them with you upon request.

You can support a retail or service business project with any amount of money. From tools to capital investments in real estate and business models, all sizes of help are needed.

Current proposals Favor is pursuing include:

  • A printing and publishing business
  • A bridal rental and service business (enabling brides to break cultural cycles that prevent or delay marriage unnecessarily to enrich others)
  • Making physical improvements to our radio ministries
  • Building a new building and city educational testing center for our primary school
  • Starting a Christian television station that is highly requested
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