Ten Days in Chad

November 9, 2023

Ten Days in Chad

Our own Mama Carole recently led a small team of Favor staff to spend 10 days in Chad, networking with ministry partners for further development in Chad. The goal: Reaching 91 Unreached People Groups (UPGs) before Boko Haram and other terrorist groups do.

One important step in the process that the team completed was to register Favour Africa in Chad. And with a more official presence in this gateway nation, Favor will host a missionary training school to train 200 Arabic-speaking believers whom local churches in Chad recognize as having God's call on their lives to advance the Gospel to the UPGs of the north.

While in Chad, Carole's heart connected with "Mama Abigail", the wife of a local pastor and leader of a prayer group in town. Mama Abigail started a street girls program (similar to our GIFT girls program) and is working with a few of them, taking them out of prostitution and into her home for training in tailoring and soap making. While Mama Abigail can't help all of them, she helps those she can as well as their children.

We praise the Lord for every victory and continue to seek Him as we boldly move forward into the new fields He's giving us!

Carole greeting the children of former prostitutes taken in by Mama Abigail.