Good News From A Gateway Nation

August 31, 2023

Good News From A Gateway Nation

Reports of celebration have been pouring in from our field missionaries over the nation of Chad.

Since February thirteen Portable Bible School (PBS) training centers have been established, which have trained more than 200 local youth in how to do Bible studies and evangelism. One of our field missionaries reported that recently when they opened enrollment for the next PBS, "people were just running for registration after seeing what the Lord is doing."

More than 150 new believers have been baptized and the mission continues to grow to reach more areas. This last week alone, 40 young men were baptized in the Klessoum area near the city of N'Djamena after undergoing weeks of discipleship.

Another report from one of our field missionaries reads, "Since I entered Chad, the days I spent in prayer and fasting are more than the days I am not." The Holy Spirit is working through our collective prayers in this Muslim majority nation! And what makes this victory sweeter is that covering Chad with the Gospel will give us much greater access to eventually reach the other Arab nations of Northern Africa!