What God's Joined Together...

July 27, 2023

What God's Joined Together...

Trauma Counseling is helping to save and restore marriages

In a recent TC group we taught, a woman named Florence stood in front to publicly forgive her husband. After learning God's Word and the healing it brings, it helped her realize and deal with the stress that she had been carrying. She shared that she is now able to sleep well.

Another woman shared about her husband, how he was given to drinking and smoking to the point of not having enough to care for the home or buy food. This lady's husband originally refused to come with her to the training but eventually came anyway. Following the training he gave up drinking and smoking.

Lawrence, a man who attended our TC program, shared that his wife had left him two months earlier because of trauma he didn't know how to deal with. After learning God's Word and how to cope, he made plans to go with the pastor teaching the class to make amends with his wife.

Join us in praising God and praying for continued healing and restoration!