Vows Made, Molds Broken

November 2, 2023

Vows Made, Molds Broken

Five new couples tied the knot in a Christian wedding ceremony hosted at Favor's farm in Gulu, Uganda - a day that truly highlights God's persistent love for and redeeming of the bride of Christ.

At least three of the five men who made vows to their new brides had a season of life where they would have only found the joy they now have in a far off dream, having lived on the streets for a season.

Now, all three having graduated from GIFT (God's Institute For Transformation) and become Favor staff, they have come to deeply understand how to love their brides as God loves them. What's more, the commitments each of the five men made breaks away from the pattern of polygamy passed on through the generations.

GIFT girls who are part of the vocational program also bore testimony on that day. Once lost in prostitution on the streets, some of them abandoned, now loved and learning more about what it means to love - these young ladies got to cater and witness examples of godly couples making God-honoring commitments to each other.

If the day wasn't full enough, three attendees gave their lives to Jesus! Heaven and Favor's staff rejoices greatly over this day!

The GIFT girls from the vocational program who catered the cakes.

The five brides awaiting their grooms.

The ceremony.

Sharing in the first bites of the wedding cakes together.

The three souls who gave their lives to Christ.