Training Muslim Background Believers

September 21, 2023

Training Muslim Background Believers

In the past couple of months, we have been sharing about the many salvations of Muslims in South Sudan, some who have come as refugees from the fighting in Sudan (see previous coverage). More have continued to confess Christ as their Savior every day, and so far thirty former Muslims have been baptized and enrolled in the discipleship program.

Most of them have shown incredible zeal to learn the scriptures. They are studying the word with intense interest and are praying and worshipping with great fervor. Their discipleship has been made easier thanks to Favor's Arabic-speaking trainers who themselves are from an Islamic background. As they learn and grow in faith, their objective is to be prepared and sent to evangelize among the Muslims in Sudan and in the Muslim countries further north.

One man from the training shared with Thanksgiving how this training had personally impacted him. He noted having a greater confidence because he was being sent by God and by Favor. Therefore he did not need to fear because God would be with him the whole time. He also appreciated how he had been trained on how reasoning from the Quran can be a helpful tool in leading other Muslims to accept Jesus.

Join us in praying for them as they prepare to go out into the harvest soon!