They Almost Gave Up

November 30, 2023

They Almost Gave Up

Restoring Hope When All Else Failed

The power of the great hope God gives us through Jesus is beyond reckoning, especially for those who have met their lowest point and been ready to throw in the towel to life.

A Trauma Counseling session hosted by a couple of our missionaries in Aruu Falls, Uganda has been a lifesaver for a significant number of students in the class.

Our missionaries report that some of their students have struggled with thinking they were useless and contemplating suicide because of problems they had that they weren't able to resolve on their own. Some even tried witchcraft which also failed them.

One woman who is HIV positive on top of other issues said she was planning to commit suicide but the PBS and Trauma Counseling program have restored her hope. Another woman who had struggled with suicide shared how the training healed the pains in her heart and requested the trainers to bring the training again.

A total of 20 students gave their lives to Jesus Christ and received restoration! And because of their testimonies, others have also believed that Jesus does indeed change lives and have come to the PBS to learn more.

To God be the glory, for His mercy endures forever!