The Anaka Crusade

September 28, 2023

The Anaka Crusade

Binding the Strongman, Healing the Community

Where do we find the key to success in any major evangelistic work we do? God alone. And that is why our team fasted and prayed for three days prior to the Anaka Crusade.

What came during the crusade was the fruit of a spiritual war that had already been won. Over the three-day crusade, we witnessed at least 128 souls find salvation and numerous physical and spiritual healings.

Three people who were paralyzed got healed instantly. One lady who was partially blind and couldn't see far away objects got healed and now sees as far as the eye can see! One other girl who had been blind in her right eye for three years got healed. And a mom who was partially deaf in her right ear for over 30 years got healed.

During our visit to the local hospital, there was also a manifestation of demons on a lady in the maternity ward as we prayed, but Jesus Christ used our team to drive them all out. The lady got saved and healed instantly from chronic waist pain and sickness that had been tormenting her.

One-on-one counseling at the crusade ground.