Testimony from a S. Sudan Field Leader

June 21, 2020

Testimony from a S. Sudan Field Leader

A Favor outreach worker in S. Sudan relayed a summary of the following conversations in the Bor area of S. Sudan:

– A local pastor testified that three days after this worker prayed for him, he was healed of his sickness. He came to give thanksgiving to God along with 35 other people who were healed the same day and discharged from the hospital in Bor. This pastor was healed from back pain and high blood pressure. He thanks God for His mercy and added that 2020 has been a bad year killing the eldest, but praise God he is still alive at 97 years old.

– Rev. Mathian Kuch, a teacher of GSM in Bor, told Favor that our door-to-door missions encourages the pastors and teachers, who are among the poorest of S. Sudan. He said that many pastors and even many teachers of the Word of God are leaving the job because there is no money payment in the church. He was thankful for our work and gave us blankets for cold weather. We praise God for His mercy and thanksgivings too.

– Marko Atak told me that in his mission he came from Aweil to Bor and joined our training and door-to-door evangelism work. He is a prayer warrior, and together we are training men of peace from village to village and town to town. Using his own feet to join our training, he became our student and appreciates the great work this team is doing for the whole nation.

– Pastor John, a local prayer warrior, was healed from the Bor hospital during the visit we made to pray with him. Many others were healed of different diseases because many people didn’t know the God Who heals, and even Christians in churches need to teach how to pray and do thanksgiving. He said our people didn’t know how to make appreciation to Almighty God. He appreciated God through our missions work during the hospital visit and the door-to-door evangelism work throughout Bor. 162 people were healed by God this week, but many lacked appreciation.

This outreach worker finished by writing: “Today it is a great day to me; even my body and souls are won and celebrating it, because of God. As a missionary I feel today and everyday happy, and my life is changed forever. I confirm as a missionary today that I will be according to God’s will not my will. My message is praise to God for His mercy and compassion. I’m forgiven and can forgive others who did wrong to me, Thanksgivings to God!

Approximate Date & Location:

2020-06-15 in Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan