Streets To School

September 7, 2023

Streets To School

"Not about our money but the future of families, children, and the country."

Our most recent former street youth we've adopted into our GIFT (God's Institute For Transformation) children's home spent their first few weeks learning what it means to be God's adopted children (see previous coverage), growing spiritually, mentally, and physically.

They’ve learned manners, life skills, and how to study the Bible. They have received counseling and medical help. They are now ready to join our Favor Primary School in Juba, South Sudan. We are proud of them and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for how much they've grown just in these past couple of months and are reassured the Holy Spirit will continue to help them grow exponentially at Favor Primary.

At a recent parent-teacher day that our Primary school in Juba hosted, the former Mayor of Torit "Mama Julian" came forward to share how God had answered her prayers through the school. She shared about how when her son died, her grandson Sebastian was considering joining street life. She was concerned for him, so she went to find him where he lived and brought him to Juba where the Holy Spirit led her to Favor Primary School.

"I can now testify that the school is not about our money but the future of families, children, and the country. When my son went back home for the term 1 holiday, he was a completely different boy. When I visited him in July, I thanked God for the Grace and I am now at peace for my grandson. God bless the administration of Favour."