Rumbek Mini Crusade

August 10, 2023

Rumbek Mini Crusade

Rumbek, South Sudan - a place that was previously a stronghold of traditional religion and witchcraft

For years, we have had intensive evangelism and discipleship programs in the area, bringing over 2,000 new believers to Christ. And God is continuing to bring forth fruit from the efforts of the local House of Prayer and evangelism teams (see previous coverage).

This week, our teams in Rumbek took to the streets to bind up the broken and shared the Gospel message in the main market. Our team brought medical care to children and prayed for those needing prayer.

One young man named Paul (see header image) had been mad for 6 years before his uncle brought him to the team for prayer. Paul came to the House of Prayer the other day to testify he is free from the madness and is interested in joining the teams for worship!

In total, the teams witnessed 30 new believers come to Christ last week! Praise God for continuing to bring restoration to another area previously belonging to Satan!