Reaching Muslims Through Airwaves

August 10, 2023

Reaching Muslims Through Airwaves

It sometimes takes a while for the Spirit to change a heart, but the airwaves continue advancing us farther and faster than we could go ourselves.

We first met Aisha in December 2021. At the time she was fixated in the Islamic faith, coming from a Muslim family. At the time, she treated the Gospel message we shared lightly. And yet Aisha began following our radio programs diligently until God captured her heart last year. Today she is an up-and-coming Gospel music artist with powerful worship songs. She requests we continue praying for her entire family to receive Christ and for her to be fully embraced again in her family.

The day before we met Opwonya, a young Muslim man, he had been working as a manager of a dancing and drinking joint in Pabo. That is, until he began feeling out of place and decided to quit this job with the quest of finding refuge in the Lord. Opwonya came to the radio station after listening to Favor FM and we got to witness him give his life to Christ (see header image)!

Join us in praying for our former-Muslim brothers and sisters, for their families, and for ongoing transformation.

A new sister in Christ receiving a Bible from the radio team.
Vicky sharing her powerful testimony of how she got saved through the radio and how Jesus has turned her life situation completely around.