Peace Makers Church

May 25, 2023

Peace Makers Church

Revival in Northern Uganda

This group of believers used to meet in a small grass-thatched structure that was susceptible to destruction by strong wind, rain, and wildfire... "but the Lord was not in the fire" (1 Kings 19:12). Instead, as with Elijah, God's Spirit moved in this church with gentleness and conviction.

The leaders of this church went out from door to door to evangelize and they passionately shared the Good News of the redemption Jesus brought us through His death and resurrection. Many people in this spiritually dark village gave their lives to Christ and joined the church. The fellowship grew to such a number of believers that it became impossible for them to fit in the small grass-thatched structure. With Favor and International Cooperating Ministries' support, this church was able to build a permanent structure. At the dedication of the building, the church witnessed a greater revival in water baptism and the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Today, the building has become a classroom for the pupils during weekdays, a center for community meetings on Saturdays, a gathering place for the church on Sundays, and a meeting point for women's groups on Sunday evenings. The MBC (Mini Bible Study) course has also empowered the community to read and meditate on the Word of God and put it into action.