No More Walking In Darkness

October 12, 2023

No More Walking In Darkness

Without God's Truth, we are all walking in darkness. But thanks to all who have sowed into the ministries of Favor International - from donors to Bible distributors - more and more souls are being brought into God's Light through His inspired Word.

Three stories this week are testifying to the transformation the Holy Spirit is bringing about when people receive a Bible for themselves.

For a long time, Peter Ojok (now 75 years old) has been trusting God that he would one day have a Bible, though he never knew how he could acquire one... until the day he learned of Favor's Bible distribution ministry. Peter rode his bicycle a total of 100 miles from his home village to Favor's office in Gulu, Uganda and God answered his long-awaited prayer when he received a Bible in his local language. Peter is so thankful and is eager to use the Bible to help him in his evangelism of his home village and in preaching and teaching in the local church.

Stephen Kokole, who God saved during the previous wave of Portable Bible Schools, was partially blind and couldn't easily read the Bible he had received. He was prayed over to receive his sight back and can now read his Bible very clearly. (Having come out of the darkness himself, he prays for the salvation of his son who has fallen into bad company.)

Edisa Kerikeri testifies to the tremendous change the audio Bible she recently received has had in her life. Switching to the audio Bible, she has been able to absorb more of God's Word in her day-to-day as she listens to it while going about her normal routine. Edisa shared how she has been experiencing amazing peace as she hears God's word and draws strength from it daily. Edisa also testified that her neighbors who come to her with troubled lives have overheard her audio Bible as they've visited her and begun finding relief from their burdens and solutions to their lives.

Praise the Lord for the divine revelation He's given us and continues to spread across the world!