Man Listens to Favour FM, Receives Sight From God!

August 25, 2020

Man Listens to Favour FM, Receives Sight From God!

Tom Ocana has been blind right from birth, and because of his visual impairment, has faced many challenges. Physical movement was one of his greatest challenges, and he always needed to travel with a trusted friend or family member when navigating unfamiliar places. He could not work to provide for himself or his family.

Tom has tried many different things in order to recover his sight…but all have failed. After spending money in different health facilities and even with witchdoctors, he finally decided to settle home without any hope of ever seeing. Due to his permanent impairment, he tried to join the School of the Blind in Gulu…but was unsuccessful, because he couldn’t travel from Nwoya district to Gulu district on his own.

Just when he’d almost given up all hope, Tom decided to listen to the Word of God…and the only reliable source was Favour FM. One day, one of our pastors was preaching about receiving the Word of God. Tom immediately received it and decided to call into the radio for prayer for salvation and healing!

God saved him…AND healed him instantly and HE RECEIVED HIS SIGHT!

He has now become one of the greatest evangelists in his village! Many who had never believed before heard his story and flocked to his home to confirm the news! Because of his testimony, many have received Jesus as Savior!

Our radio team visited him in the village and found he had started his own business. Now that he can see, he is able to work, and has learned to tailor and opened up a shop!