If They Hadn't...

October 26, 2023

If They Hadn't...

Our field teachers face many challenges when they spread out into the nations we're working in. The terrain they travel to remote villages are frequently treacherous. Often times they encounter witch doctors and other very troubled individuals who oppose them. Sometimes they receive death threats.

One teacher at a school in Aruu Falls has been in the Catholic Church for many years but suffered throughout her nights from bad dreams and spiritual oppression. Thanks be to God this teacher gave her life to Christ at the end of one of our classes and was set free from the spiritual evil that was oppressing her!

What if our field teachers hadn't gone out, or if they had lost faith and turned back when the terrain became unfavorable or at the first threat to their life or well-being.

We praise God for enabling each of them with His Spirit and thank Him that we collectively (including you) get to be part of the many testimonies we receive from our field teachers of deliverances, renewals, and salvations! Despite the challenges, our field teachers continue to fearlessly penetrate into remote villages to teach, train, and equip people and to glorify God Most High.

The teacher at Aruu Falls who received deliverance (on the left), praying with our field teacher (on the right).