Hungry and Thirsty

October 12, 2023

Hungry and Thirsty

Despite the hot weather and sunshine since the birth of this church earlier this summer in Kotido, Uganda, the community has never stopped coming together to seek the face of God. No matter their other needs, their hunger and thirst for the word of God is outweighing the rest.

The Karamoja Region, which includes Kotido, is one of the more poverty-stricken regions of northern Uganda. Almost all families survive on one meal per day and have limited if any access to clean water. Most communities resort to inter-tribal conflicts and cattle raiding as a way of survival.

Our two field missionaries serving in Kotido see these and many more needs of the community and are determined to bring about holistic transformation in Jesus' Name. During the summer months, they led a Portable Bible School and Trauma Counseling with 150 in attendance. By the end of the PBS just a couple of weeks ago, 55 from this poverty-stricken area had entrusted their lives to the Lord!

As we continue praying for and working with this community for further growth and answers to physical needs, we invite you to pray with us. In the coming months and years, we fully anticipate the privilege of witnessing how God continues the wonderful work He began in this church who is hungering and thirsting for Him above all!