For Such A Time As This

August 31, 2023

For Such A Time As This

Muslim refugees fleeing the fighting in Kartoum, Sudan have been pouring into this refugee camp in South Sudan and we've been here to meet them in the midst of what is likely their greatest time of felt need (see previous coverage).

The destruction, the killings, and other forms of violence these people have witnessed in the war has caused much trauma. Last Friday, however, by the grace of God we were able to graduate 276 of these refugees (194 men and 82 women) from our Trauma Counseling, and the transformation and healing it has brought them is no small difference!

One man (pictured below) said he had planned to join one of the groups fighting in Khartoum so he could avenge his relatives who were killed in the fighting. But after being counseled he forgave the killers and now says that he will find work and focus on raising his children.

Praise God in heaven that we are able to serve this area of South Sudan for such a time as this!