Breaking Through to Chad

July 20, 2023

Breaking Through to Chad

It's been only about two weeks since one of our teams finally received their visas for Chad - a spiritual battle we had been working on since February of this year. But God's timing is perfect. As a member of the team said, "The blood of Jesus paid for all nations. This is God set time for Chadian people to hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Already over 37 hungry souls in Abeche, Chad have been brought to Jesus between ministry at a women's prison and ministering to local refugees!

Our team organized a Sunday service to strengthen those who were part of the Portable Bible School and Trauma Counseling in the prison. During this, our team started sharing from Acts 10:38 and John 8:12, which caught the attention of some Muslims who were not part of the service. By the end of the service, 37 souls in total - including some of the Muslims who listened in - gave their lives to Christ!

At a U.N. outpost we met a family whose three brothers were recently killed. We ministered to them and prayed with them, and they also accepted the love of Jesus.

Join us in praying for these new believers - to strengthen themselves in the Father and to continue growing in His Spirit!

Ministering to the family at the U.N. outpost.