Airwaves of Transformation

November 9, 2023

Airwaves of Transformation

Our radio stations are continuing to transform hearts through the air waves in Northern Uganda.

In 2022, Alice from Lamwo, Uganda suffered much domestic violence in her marriage to the point that she was almost ready to give up on her marriage. But through the preaching and teaching on Favor FM in a program called "Family Values", peace and stability returned to her family and she is now thriving. Alice has become a teacher of family values to other community members suffering domestic violence and now many are celebrating the goodness of the Lord in their marriages because of her.

Also Lilly from Atiak, Uganda reported to us that her mother was very sick with an unknown disease. But she and her mom tuned into preaching on Favor FM and when they prayed through radio, Lilly's mother became healed in Jesus name!

We praise God for how He is using the airwaves for His Kingdom!