A Generational Shift

October 26, 2023

A Generational Shift

Replacing a Curse with a Blessing

Since the early days of Favor International, it was clear that a major shift needed to occur to restore the potential that Joseph Kony, the evil dictator, was stealing from the younger generation with each child he abducted and turned into a soldier.

We still praise our Almighty Father for moving through our prayers to depose Kony and his demons and to bring a broken generation back to Himself.

Magret Lawino may not have had previous opportunity to be trained in God's Word. But at 80 years old, she's eager to pass on to her grandchildren at home what she's learned at the PBS in Anaka Nwoya. 20 years ago, she may not have been able to travel safely to and from the PBS.

Years ago, Cosmas, the nephew of Kony, had an assignment to destroy all the work of Favor. Before he could accomplish his mission, God stopped Cosmas in his tracks with a radical conversion at our first house of prayer. Today he is serving as the main Bible teacher at both of our Bible schools (in Uganda and South Sudan), equipping former Muslims, street youth, and other Bible school students in Muslim evangelism and discipleship (see header image)!

Only God could make this generational shift happen on every level it needed to. Only God! Praise Him for how He's continuing to shift Uganda and the surrounding nations back to Him!

Magret Lawino, ready with her walking stick for travel.